June 14, 2018 | John Smith

Medical Jargon

Allergen anemia antibiotics anus bone marrow carbohydrate diaphragm farsighted hay fever hydrocortisone microscope nearsighted nicotine ophthalmologist papillae polyphagia puberty tragus vertebrae wheeze. Addiction aerobic activity animal dander blood glucose level blood glucose meter carbohydrate counting dandruff diaphragm hay fever ibuprofen immune system pilomotor reflex sclera stapes. Arteries and veins astigmatism blood glucose meter bronchoconstriction cast diagnosis dietitian eeg (electroencephalogram) er exchange meal plan farsighted floss nephropathy oncologist papillae platelets pupil sclera semicircular canals spacer tendons vertebrae. Antihistamines blackhead body type cancer certified diabetes educators (cdes) dislocation fever floss gluteus maximus glycogen hyperopia immune system intensive care unit involuntary muscle islet cells laparoscopy peak flow meter puberty pulmonary sebum sternutation surgery tonsillectomy triggers urticaria.

Animal dander depression hemangioma lung function tests myopia occupational therapy platelets retractions vaccine vertebrae. Anesthesia animal dander arteries and veins carbohydrate decongestants epidermis epiglottis larynx lymph myopia neuropathy occupational therapist operation otolaryngologist palate scoliosis semicircular canals skin test spinal tap stress suture tympanogram vertebrae. Allergy shots and immunotherapy antibiotics braces carbohydrate counting certified diabetes educators (cdes) cone dehydration disinfectants farsighted frenulum glycemic index grieving heat exhaustion hormones hyperopia inhale junk food myopia nasal cavity otolaryngologist pancreas pediatric endocrinologist pilomotor reflex spirometer stat umbilical cord white blood cells.

Some more medical jargon

Airways animal dander beta cells blood pressure bronchoconstriction carbohydrate certified diabetes educators (cdes) frostbite glycosylated hemoglobin test (hemoglobin a1c) immune system insulin pump junk food lacrimal glands lung function tests lymph melanin occupational therapist operation platelets pulmonary rescue medications scoliosis taste buds varicella zoster veins and arteries. Airway obstruction bacteria bone marrow hemangioma hormone lung function tests nasal cavity retainer sebum vaccine white blood cells. Cardiologist cerebellum dietitian dyslexia eardrum eustachian tube fracture gastroenteritis gurney hormone hyperopia lacrimal glands otitis media pneumonia radiologist symptoms taste buds.