Meet Ayva. She’s a friendly and helpful care coordination assistant.

Coordinating care for every patient, every time is a challenge. Ensuring patients follow their post-discharge treatment plan is a well-known gap that leaves patients, hospitals, and staff vulnerable. Ayva makes connecting and engaging with patients a whole lot easier.

Explore a healthier world with Ayva.

In Ayva’s world, the challenge of engaging and connecting patients with the follow-up care they need looks a little less daunting. Through years of experience and by listening to patient and provider feedback, Ayva has learned to engage and respond to patients when and where they need it, while securely collecting invaluable feedback and insights for providers.

A friend and ally.

Discharge is only the beginning of the road to recovery. That’s why Ayva introduces herself before the patient leaves the provider’s care, ensuring a clear and meaningful transition for the patient. She acts as a friendly and helpful representative of the provider when they can’t physically be with the patient.

Vitally versatile.

Depending on a patient’s needs and preferences, Ayva adjusts her approach to maximize the chance of engaging that patient. Ayva knows how to engage patients of all ages and socioeconomic status, and she adapts over time as she learns from each interaction.

Accelerate your workflow

Ayva knows time is a provider’s most valuable resource. Ayva’s streamlined design is motivated by a sharpened focus on functionality and efficiency. Her apps are built to be intuitive, while simultaneously adaptable to the user’s workflow through customization and flexibility.

There’s nobody like Ayva.

Ayva is the only platform designed to manage the entire post-visit process, from discharge to recovery. As the only comprehensive discharge platform for primary and secondary care services, Ayva is truly one of a kind.

From practices to institutions, Ayva empowers providers.

Ayva is a powerful tool for practices and healthcare organizations alike. Ayva gives providers the freedom to focus on patients, and healthcare organizations the tools and platform to engage with patients and collaborate more efficiently. Ayva’s versatile platform creates a unique environment adaptable to the needs of any organization, improving quality of life for patients and providers.