The smartest way to connect with patients.

Promote healthy behavior while collecting data on the experience and outcome.

Patient engagement

Improve health outcomes, drive better patient care, and reduce costs. Augment your patient's own knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage their own care with evidence‑based communications designed to promote positive behaviors.

Care navigation

Patients often neglect their follow‑up care for various reasons. Ayva analyzes the entire patient — including physical, social and lifestyle factors — to provide each with a customized care plan and the support necessary to see it through.

Outcome tracking

Measure the impact of engagement plans on each patient. Identify trends, determine cost of care, and measure patient satisfaction on a deeper level. Use Ayva Engage to make more informed decisions based on actual results.

Ayva integrates seamlessly into your healthcare environment.

Whether you’re planning a brand new deployment, or adding engagement to your existing infrastructure, Ayva fits right in. And with our cloud-delivered managed online service, it's easier than ever to provide your patients and staff with access to Ayva services.

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